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Surveillance Camera Systems

We are in a time and age where everyone needs a surveillance camera system now.  Do you worry about your business when you are not there especially late at night?  Do you want to know if your employees took their break when they need to or that they are doing what they should be doing? Do you want to know what your children are doing at home with their favorite nanny when you are at work?  Do you worry when your package gets delivered at your doorstep? Do you worry that your elderly parents took their medication?  We offer a wide range of advanced surveillance camera system in Orange County that fits your specific needs.  We can provide you with the top of the line high resolution IP cameras that provides 24/7 color footage even if it’s pitch dark.  Whether your needs require a PTZ cameras or 360 degree Fisheye camera, we have a custom tailored solution for you that doesn’t break the bank.

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Access Control and RFID Systems

Access Control and RFID Systems are now part of a business necessities.  We have a wide range of solutions for Access Control.  Access control is a given in this day and age in a mid to large business setting.  It enables businesses to control and monitor the entries of various employees to different parts of the building.  Let’s say you have a top secret project happening in one room.  You can limit the room to only be accessed by authorized personnel during this particular project.  There are a lot of flexibility in how to program the Access Control System.  We can grant or restrict access for specific hours of the day to select employees on any given day.  There are many ways to identify personnel.  We can identify them by biometric scanners like fingerprint readers, face recognition, or iris scanners.  We can also use contactless or swipe cards.   RFID Systems have multiple uses in business setting.  Sophisticated RFID Systems can track every piece of your merchandise to make inventory management a breeze.  They are also used commonly these days by employers to have data as to whereabouts of each employee,  both to protect the company and the employee.

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Smart Video Analytics

With advancement of AI and machine learning, the recent technologies in Smart Video Analytics has improved significantly. This makes it possible for businesses to become highly efficient and more productive. Imagine. What would your business look like if you used all of these technologies available to us today?  Face detection and recognition, people count, virtual fence, object detection and recognition, are a few that you may already know about in some capacity. This is the same technology that unlocks our phones or laptops by just looking at it. Smart Videos can even detect suspicious activities, detect leakage, and read license plates. These new technologies enable us to come up with so many different solutions when applied to your business setting that can improve security, safety, and efficiency by automating tasks that took lots of manpower in the past. This is the same technology that will enable us to have self-driving cars.  Welcome to the future!

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Security System Integrations

Integrations has so many possibilities, almost as much as you can imagine.  Surveillance systems can be connected to point of sales systems, access control systems, smart door bells, time and attendance systems, alarm systems, and fire/smoke detection system just to name a few.  Integrating surveillance systems to all of your existing or new systems opens up a world of possibilities to improve safety and efficiencies and saves you both time and money.  For example, we are able to connect the POS (point of sales) with your surveillance camera system in a retail setting so you can see exactly who and when that particular transaction in question occurred on your surveillance footage. We can integrate with your access control system so that you can track foot traffic throughout your building.  Has there been a suspicion that employees are clocking in for another employees?  If your time and attendance system is integrated with your surveillance camera system, we will have the answer right away! Integration of all your security systems can simplify administration and lower your overhead.

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