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Wireless Networking

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Wireless Network

There are many advantages in using a Wireless network over a wired network. Even though wired networks can be more reliable and faster, the cost and hassle of running cables throughout the office may not be worth it. Considering the cost of labor, material and also having to make holes in the wall or sometimes trenches in the floor might be too much for your business. Sometimes connecting your computers using a wireless network is simply the best option for you. With the advancement in wireless technology, wireless networks are now more reliable and secure than ever. Connecting your computers using this technology may have more advantages. It is easy to set up, cost-effective, and can quickly connect more devices. Employees can freely roam around the office and have access to the internet, documnes, emails and other applications required to do their job. Wireless network is a powerful tool that helps increase productivity at a lower cost.

Guest WiFi and HotSpot

The wireless network enables your business to provide secure access to the internet for your guests, customers, and visitors. Advanced wireless technology allows you to segregate the guest access from your internal network so that your data network is protected from any possible unauthorized access. In a more public setup, such as coffee shops and restaurants having a wifi hotspot can help bring more customers. Another useful feature that can be implemented in a hotspot setup is the use of a Captive Portal.  This technology redirects customers to a webpage automatically as soon as they connect to the hotspot where you can display advertisement or sell products. This also enables your business to ask the customers for their email address or other contact information which may be helpful for future marketing purposes. 


Why Use BurgiTech For Wireless Networking in Orange County?

At Burgi Tech, we strive for the highest quality of service and customer experience at the best price. Burgi Tech has extensive experience with desiging, installing and maintaining advanced wireless networks. We can fully customize a wireless system tailored to your specific business niche. Our team of experts can help you pick the right solution, customize and implement it for your business in Orange County. Burgi Tech’s around the clock tech support team is always available to provide support for your peace of mind.

What We Offer

Burgi Tech offers Wireless Networking Solutions in Orange County.


Wireless networks are highly secured when configured properly


With the new WiFi 6 technology, you can get over 4 Gbps of bandwidth


Wireless networks are easily expandable

Cost Effective

It's much less expensive to connect computers wirelessly

Professional Installation

We design, configure and install your network to make sure it's secure and reliable

100% Happiness Guarantee

It's simple! If you are not happy with our service, you don't pay!

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