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What Is Video Analytics?

Video Analytics or Intelligent Video Analytics is a software that utilizes machine learning and AI to monitor and analyze video footage in real-time. This Video Analytics Software identifies attributes, patterns or events of a specific behavior or activities in the analyzed video stream of the monitored environment. By utilizing this technology you can make your surveillance system more efficient, reduce human error, and capture the full value of your investment by making your security camera system more intelligent in its work.

Why Is Video Analytics Useful?

In a conventional security setup, it used to be that a security person monitored the surveillance video in a security control room and constantly watched  live video footage for any suspisious activity. Each security guard may have different levels of focus and judgemnt, a guard may get tired, or a multitude of other limitations, hence human error becomes a major factor. With today’s technology, this is not practical and efficient.  Intelligent Video Analytics greatly improves this old system by using software to monitor and analyze the video footage around the clock, saving you time and effort.

Examples of Intelligent Video Analytics use cases:

  • Facial Recognition & License Plate Reading
  • People Count & Dwell Time Monitoring
  • Motion Detection & Virtual Fence
  • Recognizing long lines at checkout and sending alerts
  • Recognizing suspicious still objects in public locations
  • And much more…

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Why Use BurgiTech For Video Analytics Solutions in Orange County?

Burgi Tech offers a wide range of different Surveillance Camera Solutions in Orange County, from all major and reputable manufacturers. Whether you would like a basic security system for your home or a state of the art surveillance system at your manufacturing plant, we have you covered. We can customize and implement a wide range of Intelligent Video Analytics solutions that best fit your security needs. We have products that meet every budget. Burgi Tech can make installing top of the line Surveillance Camera Systems affordable and efficient.

What We Offer

Burgi Tech offers a wide range of advanced surevillance camera systems at an affordable price with professional installation and after-sales support for businesses and residents in Orange County,

Intelligent Analytics

Advanced Video Analytics fully customized to address your specific needs

Artificial Intelligence

Using AI, the system is able to detect and recognize objects, people and much more...

Smart Alerts

The smart camera system will notify you on your cell phone of any suspicious activities.

Remote Viewing

Watch live footage or review recordings right on your cell phone from anywhere in the world.

Machine Learning

The system constantly learns and improve itself automatically

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

It's simple! If you are not happy with our camera system, we'll make it right or your money back!

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