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What Is System Integration?

System Integration is the practice of developing technology solutions using existing off the shelf software and hardware products. The goal of System Integration is to build a solution to address business needs and increase productivity without getting involved in the actual software/hardware development process. This helps solve business problems quickly and effectively.

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What Are Some System Integration Examples?

When it comes to System Integrations, the options are virtually unlimited! Connecting a Camera System to a POS System to be able to monitor every sales transaction in a retail store, Integrating e-signature platforms with EMR systems to capture patient’s signature and store it directly in the electronic records at a medical practice, Connecting CRM System to Phone System to be able to provide faster support to customer in a support center, are just to name a few examples of a System Integration.


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Benefits of System Integration

Significantly improves efficiency

Helps save time and money

Simplifies management

Eliminates human error

Helps with automation

Makes your business smarter!

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