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Retail Stores are becoming more dependent on technology than ever before. To be able to thrive in today’s market, a retail store must be systematically efficient and on top of its game. A minor downtime in a retail store system could mean a huge loss of revenue. Every minute that the store is not able to make a sale result in lost profit. Utilizing a robust and reliable infrastructure with proper maintenance and the right software solution not only enhances the customers’ shopping experience but also helps businesses run efficiently and save costs. A good POS system helps a retail store to run efficiently and makes it easier to manage the business. Being able to integrate with marketing platforms and loyalty programs and online services to be able to sell and ship online is just a few benefits of a comprehensive POS system. Another highly beneficial technology in a retail store is the security camera system. A good security camera system not only helps the business owner to monitor and manage the employees remotely but also helps with security and lawsuits in case of an incident. Integrating the Camera System with POS allows you to monitor every single sales transaction and eliminates theft and fraud. When it comes to processing payments, every retail store must be PCI compliant to avoid unnecessary fees and possible data breaches.

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Burgi Tech offers comprehensive IT Support Services for businesses in Orange County. From consultation to implementation and maintenance, we are by your side with continued support.

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Using multi-layered network security architecture powered by AI and machine learning, along with DLP systems we make sure you have a rock-solid network protection.

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Using a combination of reliable technologies we backup your IT systems and make sure in case of a disaster, you can recover and be up and running in no time.

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