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Point to Point Wireless

Burgi Technologies > Point to Point Wireless

What Is A Point-to-Point Wireless?

A Point to Point (P2P) Wireless connection is a method of connecting two locations or devices directly to each other using wireless technology. It uses radio signals, similar to regular WiFi you use at home, but instead of broadcasting the signal in all directions, it aims a beam of radio wave directly to the receiver. This significantly increases the reliability, range, and bandwidth. In order to have a more reliable connection with the highest possible bandwidth, it is best and sometimes even required to have an unobstructed line of sight between the two locations. When two networks are connected with a point to point wireless connection, it is highly dependable, faster, and cost-efficient.

When Is A Point-to-Point Wireless Useful?

In a situation where there is a need to connect two or more networks in different locations that are not too far away without the use of the internet (whether because it is not available or for security concerns), a point to point wireless connection may be your solution. Even though wired networks can be more reliable and faster, the cost and hassle of running cables between the two locations considering the labor, materials, and also having to trench the ground may not be worth it or sometimes not even possible. With the advancement in wireless technology, wireless connections are now more reliable, efficient and secure than ever. A point to point wireless network allows you to wirelessly connect two or more locations. This bridge connection enables users to share an internet connection between the locations as well as share files and other data.


Why Use BurgiTech For Point to Point Wireless installation in Orange County?

At Burgi Tech, we strive for the highest quality of service and customer experience at the best price. Burgi Tech has extensive experience with designing, installing and maintaining highly reliable point to point wireless networks. Our team of experts can help you pick the right solution, customize and implement it for your business in Orange County. Burgi Tech’s around the clock tech support team is always available to provide support for your peace of mind.

What We Offer

Burgi Tech offers Wireless Network design, implementation and maintenance services for businesses in Orange County 


Using the latest technology, Wireless connections are now as stable and reliable as wired connections


Point to Point Wireless connections can now get as fast as up to 2Gbps

Cost Effective

Wireless connections are more cost-effective compared to wired connections

Long Range

Depending on geographical conditions, we can connect locations that are 80+ Miles apart


Using advanced encryption technologies, wireless data transmission is highly secured

Point to Multi Point

You can connect as many locations as needed using PtMP wireless

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