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VOIP & Phone Systems

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What Is VOIP?

VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol and is a technology that utilizes internet connection for phone services instead of traditional analog lines from your local phone company. It basically converts your voice into packets of data that can be sent over the internet. The VOIP technology opens up numerious possibilities that make a phone system become very flexible and more versatile. With this technology, you are no longer bound to your physical phone system at your office but can use it anywhere.

Benefits of Voice Over IP Systems

VOIP phone systems open up a whole host of functions and features which can enhance and benefit your business. Some of the features included are mobile extensions which means you can access your business phone from wherever you are.  Text messaging is another convenient feature of these systems. These features can be tailored to your needs. With this system, businesses can have extensive reports about pretty much everything that happens in your phone system. And, VOIP is most often much less expensive than traditional phone systems and it is much more efficient!


Why Use BurgiTech For VOIP & Phone Systems in Orange County?

Burgi Tech has partnered with the best VOIP service providers in Orange County to deliver the highest quality of service and customer experience at the best price. We carefully listen to your needs and requirements and help you to customize the ideal phone system that perfectly fits your business needs. We then install and program your phone system based on your requirements and provide you with continuous maintenance and support.

What We Offer

Burgi Tech offers advanced VOIP Phone Systems in Orange County at an affordable price.

Mobile Extensions

Have your business extension everywhere you go as if you are always in the office.

Instant Messaging

Send and receive text messages effortlessly from your business phone


High-quality HD voice with no downtime or call drops

Call Recording

Record every single call, inbound or outbound

Detailed Reporting

Get a full report of everything. call logs, missed calls, wait times, and much more...


Integrate your phone system with other systems such as your CRM

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