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Network Cabling

Your Network Infrastructure
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What Is Network Cabling And Why Do You Need It?

Basically network cables are used to connect and transmit data and information between the computers, switches, routers, as well as servers. In other words, these cables can also be defined as the carriers or the medium through which data and information seamlessly flow from one point to another. Network cabling is the essential infrastructure needed to form a reliable and efficient computer network. How carefully and professionally the cabling infrastructure is designed and implemented today, determines how fast and scalable your computer network will be in the future. It is imperative to understand that network cables, although they look similar to some other type of cables (i.e. telephone cables), they are fundamentally different and are specifically designed and manufactured to connect computer devices.

Things To Consider For Network Cabling

Network Cabling starts with designing the network infrastructure based on your needs and also forecasting the future growth. After designing the network and choosing the right network equipment such as switches and routers, it’s time for infrastructure cabling and installation. The next step is to consider a central location for all the cables and equipments such as your network switches and routers , etc. to be installed (usually the server room or Telco room). The type of cables to be used is another important factor. In most occasions, typically Twisted Pair cables are used to network computers in an office building. The most common twisted pair cables which are being used today are CAT5e and CAT6, both of which support Gigabit data transfer rates which is sufficient in most cases. CAT6 also supports 10Gigabit speed which is not used commonly today but will support future technologies in the long term. This will ensure that when new technologies evolve that demands higher speeds, your network infrastructure will support it.


Why Use Burgi Tech For Network Cabling In Orange County?

It is important to know that there are a lot of small details needs to be taken into consideration for a proper network cabling installation. Hiring the right installer could mean a big difference in network performance and troubleshooting in the future. Burgi Tech can help you build your network from the ground up or restructure your current network based on your needs. From the design, infrastructure cabling and installing network appliances such as routers, switches, and wireless access points to install and configure all kinds of network services with the required software, we can do it all. Our professional cabling crew is trained, licensed and insured to ensure proper network cabling for your business.

What We Offer

Burgi Tech offers full service network infrastructure cabling for local businesses in Orange County.


We can design your network architecture to make sure it's efficient, scalable and reliable.


Our professional installers can do the network cabling for your computers, phones and camera systems.


Every single cable is fully tested after termination to ensure maximum performance.


All the cables are accurately labeled for ease of management and troubleshooting

Cost Effective

Our reasonable and competitive pricing will make it affordable to use our expertise.

100% Happiness Guarantee

It's simple! If you are not happy with our service, you don't pay!

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