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HIPAA Risk Analysis

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What Is a HIPAA Risk Analysis?

The HIPAA Security Rule requires organizations to implement policies and procedures to prevent, detect, contain, and correct security violations. (45 C.F.R. § 164.308(a)(1).) The Risk analysis is one of four required implementation specifications that provide instructions to implement the Security Management Process standard.  Section 164.308(a)(1)(ii)(A) states that to have a HIPAA Risk Analysis done means to conduct an accurate and thorough assessment of the potential risks and vulnerabilities to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of electronic protected health information held by the the covered entity or business assoiate.

Why Do You Need A HIPAA Risk Analysis?

The very first step towards becoming HIPAA Compliant is to conduct the required HIPAA Security Risk Analysis.  HIPAA also requires covered entities and business associates to conduct the HIPAA Security Risk Analysis on an ongoing basis.  Most entities believe that all they need to do is to conduct this analysis on an annual basis, but HIPAA requires entities to perform the Risk Analysis whenever there is a major change such as getting a new computer system or moving to a new location. A HIPAA Risk Analysis not only helps to be compliant but also it is an eye opening process that clearly shows you what is happening in your network. You can see in a glance what your weaknesses are and where you can improve.


Why Use BurgiTech For Your HIPAA Risk Analysis in Orange County?

As a Certified HIPAA Compliant IT Support Service Provider in Orange County, we provide full service HIPAA Compliance package which includes a thorough HIPAA Security Risk Analysis. Unlike many IT services that call themselves HIPAA Compliant we start by a thorough physical walk through of your offices to pick up any physical HIPAA violations which may exist in your office.  We listen to what is going on in your office as we perform your Risk Analysis to see if we even hear anything that may be a HIPAA security violation.  We then perform a full internal and external network vulnerability scan to see if there are any security weaknesses.  We gather all the information in our data analysis and we create a series of detailed reports.  We put this into a risk analysis binder and give it to you in both in physical and digital form.  We put together a plan of how to get your office to becoming completely HIPAA Compliant and put it into your binder.  These are some of the fundamental HIPAA requirements, we simply do it for you.

What We Offer

Burgi Tech offers you a complete HIPAA Risk Analysis package for your practice in Orange County that has been expertly designed to ensure your compliance with latest HIPAA regulations. Our HIPAA Risk Analysis service include:

The HIPAA Binder

We provide a physical HIPAA Binder which includes all the risk analysis findings with required documentation, as well as the supporting documents. We also provide a digital copy of all the documentation so it could be conveniently and quickly updated.

Risk Score

Once we complete our assessment, we generate a Risk Score that gives you a good picture of where your practice stands on the HIPAA security spectrum. This score is on a scale between 0 to 100 where 100 denotes maximum risk. To be completely HIPAA compliant, the goal is to get this score down to zero.

Management Plan

The management plan is one of the most crucial components of HIPAA Risk Analysis. It is a road map with specifics of how to correct the violations found in the assessment. It is a prioritized list of action items which needs to be addressed one by one in order to become fully compliant.

Physical Walk-through

Unlike most HIPAA risk analysis services who do the analysis remotely and leave the physical portion of the analysis to you, our HIPAA professionals come to your office and perform an actual physical walkthrough to find possible physical violation or risk that may be in your practice.

External Vulnerability

During the HIPAA Risk Analysis, we perform a complete external scan in which we try to penetrate your network from the internet and find all the possible security holes. In this process, the goal is to evaluate your network protection from any external exploits and attacks. We then generate a detailed report that documents all our findings which we include in the HIPAA Binder.

Policies & Procedures

As part of our HIPAA Risk Analysis package, we review the office policies and procedures and revise it to make sure that it complies with the latest HIPAA regulations. If your office does not have any policies and procedures in place, don't worry, we will generate one that fits your practice needs using the latest HIPAA Security best practices.

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