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Backup & Recovery

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What Is Backup & Recovery And Why Do You Need It ?

Backup and Recovery is the process of creating copies of the data in a secure place so that in case of a data loss, it can be restored. There is a myriad of ways that data loss could happen. Accidental deletion, natural disasters, data theft, hardware failure, or virus infection to name a few. In this day and age, businesses have all of their essential data such as customer information, accounting records and work project data all stored in the computers and servers. When it is lost due to any unanticipated disaster, the business will not only come to a screeching halt but the future business could be affected and lost. If the correct backup and recovery system is not in place, a business may take months to recover from a data loss.

What Are Different Solutions For Backup & Recovery?

Depending on the type of data and the type of application, there are many different ways and techniques to backup data. Each business has its unique set of data and applications and we need to carefully pick the best solution for each business. File-based backup is one of the most widely used techniques which involves copying critical data in a secure backup location, whether it is somewhere within your network or on an external hard drive or tape, in which case it is called offline backup. Another popular solution is an image-based backup. This method creates a full snapshot of the current state of the machine including the operating system and all of the files on the machine. Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) is also a backup solution that provides one of the highest levels of protection against data loss. It involves creating a full mirror of your data in a different geographical location. This gives you data protection against natural disasters such as earthquakes or fires, and even wars.


Why Use Burgi Tech For Backup & Recovery Services?

Burgi Tech has partnered with the major Backup and Recovery solution providers to offer the best solution for different businesses and different needs in Orange County. Our team of experts carefully review your network and business needs and the pick the ideal solution for your business that is cost-effective and provides the best protection.

What We Offer

BurgiTech offers a wide range of Backup & Recovery solutions to address different business needs. Contact us today for a FREE consultation so that our experts can help you pick the best solution for your business in Orange County.

Cloud Backup

Your important data will be securely stored on the cloud automatically.

Local Backup

Local backups are great for fast and offline recovery


Create a snapshot of the current state of your data to preserve version history

Image based Backup

Create a full image of your computers for fast full system recovery

File based backup

It helps you create a full, incremental or differential backup of your files on a local or remote storage

Business Continuity

A set of solutions that helps your business avoid downtime at the time of a disaster

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