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Security Cameras

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Security Camera Systems in Orange County

Do you worry about your business when you are not there especially late at night?  Do you want to know if your employees took their break when they need to or that they are doing what they should be doing? Do you want to know what your children are doing at home with their favorite nanny when you are at work?  Do you worry when your package gets delivered at your doorstep? Do you worry that your elderly parents took their medication?  We offer a wide range of advanced surveillance camera system in Orange County that fits your specific needs.  We can provide you with the top of the line high resolution IP cameras that provides 24/7 color footage even if it’s pitch dark.  Whether your needs require a PTZ cameras or 360 degree Fisheye camera, we have a custom tailored solution for you that doesn’t break the bank.

Benefits of Having a Security Camera System

The benefits of having a security camera system is multifold. Security cameras helps you watch over your busiess or your home when you are not physically there. It can help keep watch even in the dark. It can  record all activities that occure in and around your busniess or home for future review. It can help protect your loved ones, your children or your elderly parents, during your absence. You can watch your packages being delivered. You can even listen and talk to people through your camera system.


Why Use BurgiTech For Security Camera Systems in Orange County?

Burgi Tech offers a wide range of different security camera systems from all major and reputable manufacturers in Orange County. Whether you would like a basic securty system for your home or a state of the art surveillance system at your manufacturing plant, we have you covered. We have products that fits every need and budget. Burgi Tech can make installing top of the line Security Camera Systems affordable for you.

What We Offer

Burgi Tech offers a wide range of advanced security camera systems at an affordable price with professional installation and after-sales support for businesses and residents in Orange County,

Our Security Camera Systems include:

High Quality

From FULL HD and 4K to over 20MP in picture quality, we have a system for you that fits your needs

Night Vision

We offer cameras with full-color night vision capable of capturing color images in complete darkness.


Our smart camera system will notify you on your cell phone of any suspicious activities.

Remote Viewing

Watch live footage or review recordings right on your cell phone from anywhere in the world.

Two Way Audio

Listen and talk to people on your cell phone through your camera system.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

It's simple! If you are not happy with our camera system, we'll make it right or your money back!

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