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Accounting Firms

In order to meet hard deadlines and have precision in an Accounting business, every tool and every member of the team must work efficiently together. Using advanced technology which is completely reliable becomes a huge component to meet all of the demands of an accounting business. It is imperative for computer networks to run without any interruptions, free of any outside threats causing any downtime during any business day but especially during the busieset accounting seasons. Having a good  IT Support company on your side to manage and maintain your computer systems could be the difference between an accounting firm running smoothly without issues or a firm wasting precious time on constantly fixing issues that have nothing to do with the actual business of accounting which you need to be working on. Also, Security is always of the highest concern due to accoounintg firms dealing with highly sensitive client information. Having the right cybersecurity protection system in place is absolutely vital to avoid any network security breach and eliminate vulnerabilities.

What We Offer

Burgi Tech offers comprehensive IT Support Services for businesses in Orange County. From consultation to implementation and maintenance, we are by your side with continued support.

Strategic IT Planning

When you hire us for your IT services, you will have our experienced experts on your team, closely working with you to structure the best IT roadmap for your business growth.

Proactive Monitoring & Management

Our team of professional engineers constantly monitor your IT systems using proprietary monitoring software to predict any issues and fix them before they even occur.

Next-Generation Cyber Security

Using multi-layered network security architecture powered by AI and machine learning, along with DLP systems we make sure you have a rock-solid network protection.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Using a combination of reliable technologies we backup your IT systems and make sure in case of a disaster, you can recover and be up and running in no time.

24/7 Support

100% US-based local team of IT professionals are available around the clock to provide immediate helpdesk support services for your peace of mind

100% Happiness Guarantee

We strive to take customer satisfaction to the next level, so we made it simple! If you are not fully happy with our service, you don't pay!

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