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What Is Access Control?

Electronic Acess Control is a technology that enables the restriction of entrance to a property, a building, or a room to authorized persons. An access control system defines who is authorized to enter or exit, as well as where and when they are allowed to exit or enter a monitored area. This is something that is not possible to achieve using traditional mechanical locks and keys. Electronic access control utilizes computers to overcome the limitations of traditional locks and keys. A wide range of credentials such as key fobs, RFID cards, fingerprint, PIN numbers and many more, can be used to replace mechanical keys. The electronic access control system authorizes access to the monitored area based on the credential presented. When the system grants access, the door unlocks and only stays unlocked for a predetermined time and each access is recorded. When the system does not grant access, the door remains locked and the attempted access is recorded. The system also constantly monitors the door and alarm system to check if the door is opened by force or held open longer than the predetermined time after being unlocked.

Benefits of Access Control System

The first and most basic function of the Aceess Control System is for security purposes. This includes the basic monitoring of the entry and exit into the building which could also integrate with the alarm system. Each and every entry and exit is monitored and recorded. Then a company may want to secure certain parts of the building that only certain authorized personnel are allowed to access. For example, the vault of the bank may only be accessed by high-level managers of the bank or there could be an area where highly confidential projects are being worked on.  In this case, the Access Control System can be programmed so that it only authorizes access to those areas for certain personnel.  Another huge benefit of having an Access Control System has to do with employee management. Access Control Systems can be designed to monitor where each employee is at any point throughout the day and record this data as well. You can then run extensive reports based on recorded data.


Why Use BurgiTech For Access Control Systems in Orange County?

Burgi Tech has partnered with the best Access Control System manufacturers to deliver the latest technology with the highest quality of service to the businesses in Orange County. We carefully listen to your needs and requirements and help you to customize the ideal Access Control System that perfectly fits your business needs. We then install and program your Access Control System based on your requirements and provide you with continuous maintenance and support.

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