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HIPAA Compliance Services

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HIPAA Compliance Services in Orange County

If you are a medical practice or doing business with a medical practice you definitely have heard of HIPAA.   Whether you are a big hospital or a small private practice, if you have any patient information you are most likely required to be HIPAA compliant.  Most people do not know the level of security that HIPAA requires.  It is extremely time consuming and complex.  We have combined HIPAA Compliance with IT services and we are the number one Certified HIPAA Compliant IT service provider in Orange County.  We not only make your computers HIPAA Compliant, but we make your entire office HIPAA Compliant.  Most IT companies do not have the knowledge of how to make your office HIPAA Compliant and they do not take it seriously.  As a HIPAA Compliant IT Support Service Provider in Orange County, we look at where and how you store your patient records, we look at your many required HIPAA forms such as the Notice of Privacy Practices, Business Associates Agreement.  We also provide your practice with the required HIPAA Privacy Policy Manual and Notice of Privacy Practice to place in your office.

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HIPAA Security Risk Analysis

The very first step towards becoming HIPAA Compliant is to conduct the required HIPAA Security Risk Analysis.  HIPAA also requires covered entities and business associates to conduct the HIPAA Security Risk Analysis on an ongoing basis.  Most entities believe that all they need to do is to conduct this analysis on an annual basis, but HIPAA requires entities to perform the Risk Analysis whenever there is a major change such as getting a new computer system or moving to a new location. As a Certified HIPAA Compliant IT Support Service Provider in Orange County, we provide full service HIPAA Compliance package which includes a thorough HIPAA Security Risk Analysis. Unlike many IT services that call themselves HIPAA Compliant we start by a thorough physical walkthrough of your offices to pick up any physical HIPAA violations which may exist in your office.  We listen to what is going on in your office as we perform your Risk Analysis to see if we even hear anything that may be a HIPAA security violation.  We then perform a full internal and external network vulnerability scan to see if there are any security weaknesses.  We gather all the information in our data analysis and we create a series of detailed reports.  We put this into a risk analysis binder and give it to you in both in physical and digital form.  We put together a plan of how to get your office to becoming completely HIPAA Compliant and put it into your binder.  These are some of the fundamental HIPAA requirements, we simply do it for you.

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PCI Compliance Services in Orange County

If you accept credit cards, PCI compliance can be a headache for you.  Trying to be PCI complaint in a way that these credit card companies requires you to be is virtually impossible.  You must be a virtual IT expert to be able to answer the myriads of questions that PCI compliance requires to answer.  This is because the credit card companies can charge you a lot of money if you are not PCI compliant. We work with you and your credit card company to do everything that is required for you to be PCI Compliant.  This helps you not only avoid those exorbitant charges for not being PCI compliant but also have Peace of mind that all your client’s information is totally secure and out of the reach of anyone who may try to abuse it.  PCI Compliance will protect your business from liabilities with clients’ credit card information. You have to remember that PCI compliance must be done on an annual basis. We will remember and do it for you.

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Cyber Security Risk Assessment

With more reliance on the Internet for every aspect of our lives, we are personally and professionally so much more vulnerable to cyber criminals and cyber attacks than ever before. Naturally you always want to know what is going on in your network. Most people have no clue as to what is happening in their computer systems.  There may be so many unwanted applications working in your system ran by accident from opening the wrong email or missing the latest software updates and most of us maybe realize that the computer is running a tiny bit slower. Normal people don’t even think about the possibility that something bad could be happening with your system in the background and not even know it for long periods of time. As Cyber Security professionals, we do a thorough security assessment of your computer network infrastructure to find any security vulnerability and weaknesses that may be prone to cyber attacks. We can detect security weaknesses and protect your computer systems from any possible current and future cyber threats which may cause data loss or downtime.   We help you keep that back door closed, locked and secured!

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