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How to set up your signature in Outlook desktop (Window version)

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How to set up your signature in Outlook desktop (Window version)

Writing email is an important part of our daily working life. Email is not only a channel of communication, but it is also a way for promoting your brand to your audience. That is why possessing a comprehensive email signature would serve as your advantage. A good signature shows off your company’s professionalism and even your personality. It is obvious that well-polished email signature will boost your brand recognition dramatically. However, when it comes to Outlook desktop, adding an email signature may be tricky. Here are the 6 steps to create an email signature in your Outlook Desktop. If you have a Macbook, check out this link!

  • Start a new email

Now as you are signed in, look at the top left corner of Outlook screen, you will see the ‘New email’ option under the mail icon. Simply click on that icon to move forward to the next step.

  • Click ‘Signature’ in the tool bar

After you command Outlook to open a new email, a box named ‘United – Message (HTML)’ would appear on your screen. Next, you should maximize this box. Skim thoroughly at the Ribbon and choose ‘Signature’ icon. If you don’t find the ‘Signature’ icon as shown in the picture above, go to ‘Insert’ in the Toolbar and choose ‘Signature’.

  • Add a new signature

If you have succeeded on the previous step, good job, you are halfway done. The ‘Signature and Stationery’ box will pop out on your screen. Assuming that you have never set up a signature in Outlook before, under ‘Select signature to edit’, click ‘New’.

  • Give your signature a name

Then, Outlook will allow you to add a name to your new signature. To avoid confusion, let’s name the signature with your name. In this example, we use ‘Adam Smith’. Please feel free to use your name or nickname for convenience. Select ‘OK’ when you finished.

  • Create the content of the signature

We are almost done. Now is the time for you to create with your email signature. Let’s type in your signature content in this step. Key things that you should put in your signature are listed below.

  • Your company’s name
  • Your name
  • Your cell phone number
  • Your website (or LinkedIn/ Facebook/ Instagram/ WordPress)
  • Your slogan

Your signature should not be too lengthy as you would want to promote a short yet precise and striking message to your audience. Don’t hesitate to get creative in this step with impressive font, colorful text, or even images, while remaining professional. Spend time customizing your email signature so that you can draw your audience’s attention to your company’s brand and the message that you want to give out.

Finally, click ‘OK’ to save your work. If you try to write a new email now, your signature would automatically appear at the end of the message!

If you have finished all the 6 steps above, congratulations – you have learned how to set up an email signature in Outlook Desktop! If this does not work for you, you can always visit Outlook Online and add an email signature there. Click here to read more about Outlook Online. On the other hand, our IT specialists at Burgi Tech are always available to help you with any question related to Outlook, Email, or even more. Contact us right now!

Lucy Le