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Cyber Security Awareness Training Series – Part I.II – Email (Spam)

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Cyber Security Awareness Training Series – Part I.II – Email (Spam)

Spam emails are annoying and costly!

As you’re obnoxiously aware, everyone gets spam! Even with the best protection, some spam emails still slip through the cracks. But you can use applications or extra levels of defense that can help.

How to keep from getting spam emails?

When it comes to spam emails, never open them! even if you think the subject line is funny or useful and you really want to see the content inside! The reason for this is many times these spam providers have read receipts on the email they sent. This means they know how many people open their emails and which email addresses open their emails. They also know that your email address is legitimate and there is a person who is actively checking that email address! by opening their spam email you’ve just told the spammers, send this person even more spam!. The same thing goes with responding to spam emails. You’re letting them know you exist and that you are a real person! 

How do spammers find your email address?

Initially, they will send out spam to every email address they can think of! Computers randomly generate email addresses, not knowing whether an email address is valid or not! they’re testing the waters and seeing where they get bites! 

Also, be very careful when using your email address to sign up for contests or enter websites! Often, when someone is offering something for free or requesting your email address for something they are going to sell that email address to marketing and other companies to make money which results in even more spam! when posting your email to a public website such as a classified website, always add special breaks in your email address. don’t write out your email address with the proper @ sign or the proper period symbol because you don’t want that link to be easily copied and pasted or clicked on! spambots are trolling the internet looking for email addresses to send spam to, and changing to this format prevents them from easily collecting your address, but humans reading that email address can still understand it perfectly!

Let’s review the top tips for avoiding spam emails:

Use a third-party spam blocker.

Never click, open, or respond to spam messages!

When posting your email to classified sites use the following format to keep spam bots from retrieving and using your address: john.smith (at) email com


If getting email spam is becoming a growing problem for you and your business, our team of Cyber Security experts here at Burgi Tech are available to help and provide consultation and solutions to minimize any Cyber Security risk to your business. If you are interested in finding out more about Network Security Services in Orange County get in touch with us for a free consultation today! Our IT specialists will help you figure out how you can have your network secured and protected in no time at all.

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