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Designing The App Of The Future

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Designing The App Of The Future

It is the end of the year 2018 and we have seen phenomenal developments all through the year when it comes to app design aspects like product interfaces, user onboarding processes and platform development. Besides these major successful mobile app design trends, the year also saw a trail of app design failures that more or less resulted from bad UX.

Introduction of new-fangled technologies is bound to play a very definite role in how app design trends will progress in 2019. For a mobile app business, it is an added advantage to be on par with upcoming trends to offer better solutions to your consumers.

Here is a list of mobile app design trends that are likely to dominate the upcoming year:


Although the term ‘Biometrics’ is not new to the app world altogether, 2019 is likely to introduce it to us in a more accessible fashion. Users are likely to develop a knack for biometric authentication for identity management as it offers enhanced security of data.

It is an established fact that biometric identification allows a more comprehensive secure access system. As a mobile app business, integrating biometric authentication into your app product can translate into getting rid of traditional login formalities for users and embracing specific physiological or behavioral characteristics, such as facial recognition, fingerprints, voice recognition, or an iris scan.


Thanks to advancements in AR, customized real-world imagery is a fad among mobile phone users today. 2019 is likely to welcome the ‘ultimate AR experience’ for users, as more and more app developers integrate AR into their products. Gradual improvement in camera and display technology makes AR even more appealing to users.

3D Object detection, shared AR, tracking and rendering improvement, etc are some popular AR developments introduced recently. We at Promatics, emphasize on allowing interactions that feel like they take place within the real-world environment.


Surveys reveal how users prefer visible menus over hidden ones, making hamburgers menus undesirable for UX metrics due to its low discoverability and efficiency. 2019 would be the time for businesses to switch from hamburger menus to static ones.

We at Promatics also propagate the use of avant-garde static menus in mobile apps for easy navigability and hassle-free approach.

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